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Do you need a sophisticated web app or a seamless online experience?

Web apps have revolutionised how businesses and users interact online, offering dynamic functionality, instant updates, and unparalleled user engagement. They’re recognised for their adaptability across devices, ensuring consistent and intuitive user experiences. Leading US corporations like CNN, The New York Times, and Uber have leveraged web apps to offer speedy, immersive, and dependable access to their offerings.

Take advantage of our team’s experience and expertise in web app development. As your digital agency, we’re here to provide insights and support for projects of all sizes and types. We have experience with the following technologies:

Reference Projects

  • Back-office system for online language school | 2022

    We built a robust back-office system for ‘Let’s Learn a Language’, integrating Symfony and Vue.js. This led to a significant reduction in admin workload and contributed to the school’s most successful quarter in 2022.

  • Building an Industry-Level Career Portal for msg systems | 2020

    Tasked by msg systems, an IT solutions provider with over 8,500 employees, in 2020 we built a Joomla-based career portal for IT professionals. The portal features 350+ job vacancies and integrates with existing systems for seamless data import/export. The portal’s success was confirmed when msg ranked 3rd in a German study evaluating online career presences.

Who are we?

We’re a US-based digital agency specialised in web development. Our team of 25 has experience with a wide variety of technologies, and with two decades of experience, we’ve honed our skills in project management, communication and customer service.

Our agency is owner-managed, which means that our leadership are actively involved in day-to-day projects and operations. Our main office is located in Boston, however our team is proudly international, with team members spread across the US and Europe.

More about our agency

Our Web App Development Services

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Custom Web Applications

Our experienced developers pride themselves on building custom web applications that are tuned precisely to your individual requirements. We can develop a web app that’s robust, user-friendly and meets the unique demands of your business.

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Robust Enterprise Solutions

For organizations, both big and small, we deliver powerful enterprise solutions tailored to integrate effortlessly with your existing systems. These solutions are designed to be both adaptable and scalable, catering to the dynamic needs of businesses.

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Dynamic User Interface

Web apps shine when the user interface is intuitive and engaging. Our team excels in designing and developing user interfaces that not only look appealing but also offer a seamless user experience, ensuring visitors remain engaged and satisfied.

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Seamless API Integrations

In the modern digital ecosystem, connectivity is paramount. Our team has a rich history with various APIs, enabling them to smoothly integrate external services into your web apps, thus broadening their functionality and versatility.

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Continuous Maintenance
and Support

Development is just the starting point. We believe in standing by our clients long-term, offering a complete range of maintenance and support services post-launch. This ensures your web app is always secure, up-to-date, and operating at peak performance.

Agency Insights

How are we different from other web app agencies?

We’re specialists

Our team boasts a comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies involved in web app development. This knowledge allows us to build dynamic, user-centric web applications that not only meet but exceed user expectations.

We’re adaptable

Whether you’re aiming for progressive web apps, single-page applications, or user dashboards, our adept team can deliver tailored solutions in line with your goals. Our customised approach ensures your web application is distinct and serves your unique needs.

We’re knowledgeable

We have experience developing web apps with a range of frameworks, like React, Angular, Laravel and Vue.js, we also work with CMS platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Contao and Joomla. We’ll be glad to guide you through the advantages of each technology, assisting you in picking the perfect solution for your venture.

We’re transparent

Openness is key to our process. We believe in clear and ongoing communication, involving you in each phase of the development journey. We see ourselves as your digital ally, doing everything within our power to ensure the success of your project.

We’re here for you

Our dedication doesn’t end post-launch. We aim for long-term client relationships and offer an extensive range of support and maintenance services. This dedication guarantees your web application remains top-notch, secure and always up to date.

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Looking for a professional web app developer?

Is a web application the right choice for your project?

Making the right call about your digital project is pivotal. Web applications can transform your business, offering a range of advantages. However, as with any solution, understanding its benefits and potential limitations is key.

Here are some advantages of web applications:

Platform Independence

Web applications run in browsers, meaning they’re accessible from any device with internet connectivity. This ensures that your users can access your services or products without being tied to a specific platform, enhancing reach and convenience.

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Cost-Effective Maintenance and Updates

With web applications, updates are made on the server-side. This means users don’t need to install updates on their devices. Maintenance is streamlined, and users always experience the latest version without any additional effort.

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Easy Scalability

Web applications are built to grow. Whether you’re anticipating a gradual increase in user traffic or sudden growth spurts, web apps can scale accordingly, ensuring consistent performance and user experience.

However, there are also some downsides to working with web apps:

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Performance Constraints

While web apps are versatile, they might not always match the performance of native applications, especially for resource-intensive tasks. Depending on your app’s requirements, a native solution might offer a smoother experience.

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Offline Access Limitations

Web apps typically require internet connectivity. If your user base needs consistent offline access to app features, you might want to consider a different approach.

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Potential Security Concerns

Web applications are exposed to a broader range of potential threats compared to native applications. While security measures can mitigate these risks, it’s important to weigh this aspect, especially for sensitive applications.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a clear, informed perspective, enabling them to choose the best technology for their digital project. We’re here to guide and ensure that your chosen solution aligns seamlessly with your project’s unique requirements and objectives.

A picture of Jay Haydon, the agency co-owner.

Jay Haydon

Agency Owner


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Common questions to us as web app developers

A web application is a software program that runs in a web browser, allowing users to access and interact with it over the internet. Unlike traditional software which requires installation on a device, web apps are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, making them highly convenient for both users and businesses.

The security of a web application largely depends on the development practices employed. While web apps can be susceptible to various online threats, following best practices, regular updates, and rigorous testing can significantly reduce vulnerabilities. It’s crucial to work with developers who prioritise security throughout the development process.

Absolutely! Web apps are designed to be scalable. They can efficiently support growing user bases, increased data demands, and expanding functionality. From startups to multinational corporations, web apps cater to projects of all sizes.

No. Web applications are adaptable. While they can power extensive digital platforms, they’re equally adept at running smaller projects like personal blogs, portfolios, or local business sites. Their architecture is built to cater to both extensive and compact requirements.

The price of developing a web application varies based on several factors, such as the app’s complexity, functionalities, design intricacies, and the experience of the development team. Costs might also encompass hosting, domain registration, third-party integrations, and post-launch maintenance.

Web applications are typically easier to update and maintain than traditional software. Any updates made are instantly available to all users without the need for them to take any action. However, regular monitoring, testing, and updates are essential to ensure optimal performance and security.

Looking for expertise in other areas?

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