Junior Web Developer

Become part of our growing web development team. With new client projects coming in, we’re looking for a skilled Junior Web Developer to help streamline the workflow and deliver outstanding solutions.

  • Key Responsibilities

    • Develop websites based on provided Figma designs and assets
    • Collaborate with our team while also being able to solve coding issues independently
    • Provide time estimates for tasks to assist project managers in client communications
    • Prioritise tasks and manage your own time effectively to meet deadlines
    • Participate in Zoom calls to discuss project details and progress
    • Ensure code is accessible and adheres to best practices, including focus states and image alt tags
    • Maintain quality assurance and perform testing on your work

    Required Knowledge, Skills, and Experience

    • Proficiency in Tailwind CSS, HTML, and utility-first frameworks
    • Experience with JavaScript technologies like vanilla JS, AlpineJS, and optionally VueJS
    • Familiarity with build tools like webpack/gulp, and version control systems like Git
    • Exceptional time management and self-organisation skills
    • Strong communication abilities, especially in remote settings via Slack, Email, Trello, or Monday
    • Attention to detail, aiming for pixel-perfect designs and correct colours
    • Optional but beneficial: understanding of VueJS and frameworks like Nuxt and Gridsome

    What We Offer

    • A full-time role complemented by a competitive remuneration package
    • 40-hour work week with flexible hours and remote options
    • A passionate team in a flat hierarchy, working on impactful projects
    • Modern office spaces and a conducive creative environment
    • Autonomy in work and the chance to introduce new ideas
    • Opportunities for professional growth and training.
    • Encouragement to attend industry events for networking and learning
    • Team events in Boston and other locations

    About Us

    Based in the US, we are a web agency specialising in websites and web apps. Our team of 25 boasts proficiency in diverse technologies, and over two decades, we’ve honed our skills in project management, communication, and customer service. As an owner-managed agency, our leadership is deeply involved in daily operations and projects, ensuring that every team member is valued, nurtured, and given opportunities to learn and grow. Although our primary office is in Boston, our commitment to employee growth and well-being has attracted talents from across the US and Europe.

    We would love to hear from you!
    To apply for this job please send your CV to careers@hvdig.us.